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12 November
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About me? I'm 5'8. I dyed my hair red with blonde high lights. My eyes are green. I wear 5 inch heels. I use different colored bracelets everyday. My conscience is unstable. I'm color blind. I'm left-handed. I have Taemin's hairstyle in the Lucifer MV. My favorite color is pink. I play basketball. I play tennis. My name means 'moon'. My cellphone is red. I have an ipodTouch I don't know how to use. I have a crush (more like addiction actually) on Leeteuk (SuJu) and Key (SHINee). I will watch Super Show 3 and get a picture with Leeteuk ("you...me...picture? yeah. alright.")--->I wasn't able to get my picture with Leeteuk, but SS3 was THE BOMB! :D I'm asexual. I'm a meat lover. I can do a hand stand. I'm a JongKey shipper. I have braces. I want to go to Japan and Germany. I used to think 2Min was another band like 2PM and 2AM. I hate the fact that there is a girl band named 4Minute. I wonder why they didn't add an 's' to that. I think Taemin is hot dancing SO Bucc (Yeah, rip that shirt off, Tae-baby!!!)...other than that, he's sweet and innocent. Jaejoong is a member of DBSK. Who the other members are, I have no idea. I know who the other members are! Cutie pies! >.< The only MBLAQ song I like is Oh Yeah. Oh yeah, and Monalisa. Lee Joon is the MBLAQ equivalent to SuJu's Leeteuk. I look like Sungmin. The original username I wanted was JuTan. I'm glad I went with juuten. WOWOWOW makes me feel like doing grocery shopping. No Other feels like a dream come true. Up & Down makes me feel dorky but sweet (oh no, oh no, so pretty! you make me forget everything! oh no, oh no, so pretty! oh no!). Moanew. Nuff said. Key's so sexy when he eats. I make the drop down go so slow like a matrix. I can do a split. I have a gay labrador retriever. Yes, he really is a gay dog. He used to have a boyfriend. They broke up a long time ago. At least he had a boyfriend. I've never even had one...just the occasional flings. I want to join SM Entertain. I don't think I'll be accepted though, but I really want to try to get in. Oh gosh, please let me join the company, Lee Soo Man!!! Weren't you a dreamer too? I love tomatoes. I eat at least one everyday in some form of meal. SHINee's Hello makes me feel like it's a goodbye (though I don't know why...i guess it just really makes me sad TT_TT). My favorite SNSD girl is Sooyoung. I also like Jessica and Sunny. My favorite Super Junior song is Super Girl. I want to weigh less than 50kg. I am currently 55kg. My favorite book is "Metaphysika". I'm currently available but for a limited time only. No one understands me. My (3rd generation student of Mahatma Ghandi) Philosophy teacher tried reading into my energy. Apparently, my total being harbors very bad things. Let's talk about f(x) now. I love Amber <3. I have a GIGANTO poster of Krystal in my bedroom. Victoria's flexibility is hot shit. Sulli is awesomely pretty and cute. Luna has the best vocals ever and reminds me of a good friend of mine. I'm having one hell of a HOT SUMMER in the rain. So just let it rain~ I won a BDJ planner at a Nature Symposium. Did i spell that right? I wanna sing My First Kiss with Key. Everytime my dad goes to Singapore, Kpop artists are there TT_TT

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