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21 April 2011 @ 08:21 pm
because i missed zhou mi's birthday....  
So here I am...reminiscing the 'Sorry Sorry' days of Super Junior (my ULTIMATE first kpop bias boy group). I was never really a fan of kpop before, since I listened to mostly anime songs or bands like FLOW, Orange Range, and Teriyaki Boyz all the time. It wasn't til November of 2008 that I heard the song 'A.mi.go.' (the first ever kpop song I heard) and instantly fell in love with it. I didn't know the boy band that had sung the song that time, and I pretty much forgot about it after a week (our high school has this way of blocking out everything that isn't english or chinese from our minds DX thankfully, I finally graduated in 2009).

Then came November 17, 2009.

That day, our college's Rotary club danced to a LSS-inducing song for Nursing week (the "chill" week we all wished lasted for a month and not just 7 days >.<). The performance was good, and right next to my kpop-loving friend, I asked what the song was called. I bet you guys can guess what that was right? Yup, it was 'Sorry Sorry'.

When I got home, I immediately searched it in YT and viola! I met the most charming 13 boys in my life. I watched their 'Sorry Sorry' video and was shocked by the fact that there were so many of them. But still, I had watched the video atleast 50 times in the span of just three days. The boys really blew me away, and they open my heart to Kpop. If it weren't for them, I would have never fell in love with SNSD, SHINee, f(x), 4Minute, B2ST, and so many other groups.

These were my first impressions of my oppas~

LeeTeuk (my NO. 1 BIAS in SuJu, I LOVE YOU) - "Whoa...this guy looks like a really dangerous member...very strong personality. Scary..." (but now, I just find him soooooooooooooooo cute <3 I love u, angel :">)

HeeChul (u really do have milky skin :O) - "Long haired-member. The hand gesture thing kinda made me feel...yeah...hahahah"

(you bitch, come back to SuJu and give me a hug!!! i miss u China-man </3) - "The mysterious member...hmm...very interesting."

YeSung (bad boy image looks great on u...i want u in SuJu M now!!! >.<) - "Suave member with cool hair...Like ;) are you the chinese member of SuJu? Because if you are, I'd totally dig you."

KangIn (do you're best in the military, ok?) - "Really nice voice...good camera projection :)"

ShinDong (i will visit your internet cafe soon bwahahaha) - "Chubby chubby member XD you appeal to me...just keep doing your thing!"

SungMin (aegyo king of my heart, NO.2 BIAS) - "Potential leader # 1...cutie teheee" (I didn't know who the leader was at that time XD I thought he might have been the one...What drawed me to Sungmin was his big smile...I used to not like his smile, because I had a similar one when i was a kid and I didn't like it...but I learned to love it because he smiles so confidently.)

EunHyuk (keep dancing, you crazy monkey! that's what gives you your charm :D) - "Best dancer in the group for sure!!! Let's dance~dance~dance~"

DongHae (you really put a lot of force into your hip thrusts, don't u? XD) - "You were the first one who made me squeal. Double like ;)"

SiWon (horsey!!!!! chocolate abs FTW!) - "Very serious member...silky voice...the manliest man out of the bunch."

KiBum (come back!!!!!!!!! DX) - "I love your hair...but why do you appear in the video for only like...5 seconds? Sing to me, baby :("

RyeoWook (eternal maknae, u are the hardest person to take a picture of, but you're cute so i forgive u) - "So slim and such a high-pitched voice! Are you and Potential Leader # 1 close in real life? I think you are... :D"

KyuHyun (evil maknae is so evil...and you look like a mannequin in real life *pretty*...no wonder so many girls like you) - "Potential Leader # 2...i love your voice...I'm not in love with your hair, and that's a good thing :)"

But I had a HUGE problem...how was I supposed to memorize who they all were individually? XD In came all these videos with subtitles showing who was singing what...thus, I learned who they were in a week. I soon found It's You, U, Marry U, Haengbok, Miracle, and all their other awesome songs.

And still...the fun didn't end there...

After my friends showed me a video of Super Girl, I learned to love Zhou Mi (Leeteuk and Siwon's baby with LOOOOOOOONG legs/sex on legs) and Henry (mochi cheeks now turned gangling yet even more handsome that before) as well.

I've been a fan of them ever since, and I'm glad I gained amazing friends who love them as well. I don't think I'll stop being an ELF anytime soon. Super Junior Hwaiting!!! I PROM15E to love you guys with all my heart :)
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