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02 June 2012 @ 10:24 pm
Words I Never Thought You'd Say  
A Letter From A Teacher.

Dear U,

I've known you since you were eleven. How old are you now? 16? And heading off to college? Wow, time flies so fast.

I remember how we used to play little games like tic-tac-toe and shoot-the-target together. I even helped you make a kite once too.

No doubt you were my favorite, because I saw myself in you. The kid who was always treated unfairly, had the least friends, the unfavored child, and the one who had so much hate inside but kept smiling anyway. But unlike you, I was always quiet, and I could never defend myself nor say what I wanted.

While you said things you didn't mean and did things misinterpreted by others, I spoke on your behalf and hoped that other people would understand you. I hoped they would stop thinking of you as the trouble child...the devil of the batch. I never saw the bad in you. To me, you were an angel. Because you really are one. Other people just didn't know and didn't want to change their minds about you.

Guess what. You made me cry today. I never thought you'd actually make me cry.

You told me I saved your life years ago, when all I did was stop people from kicking you out of scouting...out of school. I know you love scouting, and I know you love our school. I did everything I could to keep you in the place you loved. You thanked me for what I did. I never thought you would.

Honestly, I wouldn't have forgiven those people if they let you go. I'd actually give them the finger, and tell them to fuck themselves if they had kicked you out. Yeah, you're that important to me.

You told me you'd never forget me, and I will never forget you.

Just know that I'll always believe in you. Do the best you can in everything you do. I'll always love you as if you were my own kid.

Thank you for everything. Take care, and I'll be seeing you soon!